Koom Txoos Hmoob Thoob Qab Ntuj

Welcome to Hmoob18Xeem.com
Saturday, September 20 2014 @ 08:56 AM CDT

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Welcome to HmongGenealogy.com Homepage.
Hmong Genealogy documents and keeps records of the Hmong family trees for more than six generations including all known ancestors who migrated from China to Indochina in the 1800s. Most of the ancestors settled in Laos, while a few settled in North Vietnam and Northern Thailand. Moua Za Phia or Zam Txoov Kav (Za Zhong Gak) was a well known leader and his migration to Laos brought many Hmong with him.
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VimHlub&Kev Phoojywg.

Welcome to VimHlub.com Homepage.
Vimhlub.com is an online friendship that connects people through a networks of friends. We are committed to providing an online meeting place where people can socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests.
Vimhlub.com is a virtual community, also called a social network. The idea is to meet with other friends and family in order to network, join a community, self promotion, chat, or just a creative outlet! You may post your personal stats or public journals in blogs, review other members, meet people, send private messages, participate in the forum, etc.
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NyobZoo.com Homepage.

Welcome to NyobZoo.com Homepage.
Welcome to all! We bring you picture and stories from Milwaukee's Southeast Asian Communities.
We are not an agency or program. We are close friends that often refer to each other as family. This site has evolved because of our love for one another and our community. The agencies listed are some that we participate with, so it sometimes difficult to choose which picture to display with a particular agency.
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Hmong Press Radio -North Carolina, USA.

Welcome to HmongPressRadio.com Homepage.
Hmong Press Radio, WCXN 1170 AM, Hickory, NC, is your gateway to the rapidly-growing Hmong market in the couties of Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba and many other counties in North Carolina. It is also the one station you need to reach the Hmong people in North Carolina.
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Hmong American News Radio

Welcome to Hmong American News Radio Homepage.
Nyob Zoo. Welcome to Hmong American News Radio. Your source for Hmong News. Zoo siab caw koj los koom Xov Tooj Cua Hmoob Thooj Siab Koom Ntsws.
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Hmong Minnesota Radio.

Welcome to Hmong Minnesota Radio Homepage.
xovtooj cua Hmoob yog qhov chaw rau koj dim pa, yog koj tus phooj ywg
tig los mloog xov tooj cua Hmoob,  tig los kawm txog Hmoob
tig los pab Hmoob,  tig los txhawb tej lag luam Hmoob
tsis txhob xam khib, Hmoob muaj lag luam zoo, peb sawv daws muaj noj
tig los mloog yasuab Hmoob, kwv txhiaj Hmoob, yog Hmoob teej Hmoob tug, tsis muaj leej twg zoo li HMOOB...
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Xiong History Homepage.

Welcome to Xiong History Homepage.
We welcome you to join us and learn more about our family history and traditions. Our family's history was traced back to our great grandfather who journeyed south from China during the early 1800s. Our great grandfather's name was JeiVah. In this website, you'll find information about our ancestors, family tree, leaders and our traditions. Furthermore, we post news on a regular basis about the families. Therefore, we invite you to have an open heart and mind to join us in learning and preserving our family history and traditions
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AMI Hmong

Welcome to AMI-Hmong.org Homepage.
-Preserving the Hmong Language,
-The promotion of culture,
-Solidarity among the Hmong.

Les buts de l'association

- La préservation de la langue Hmong,
- La promotion de la culture,
- La solidarité entre les Hmong.
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Connecting Hmong People with Love

Welcome to NconcoKoj.com Homepage.
NcoNcoKoj.Com - yog peb kwv tij Hmoob nyob Thailand lub website. | Power of Love Power of Dream | Lub zog ntawm txoj kev npau suav thiab txoj kev nco. | Connecting Hmong People with Love | yuav coj koj mus cuag tau koj tus hlub | kuv nco nco Koj...es koj puas nco txog kov li os.
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Hmong Grave Desecration Committee.

Support Hmong Grave Desecration Committee Homepage.
Message from the Chairman
Dear fellow Hmong and friends, I want to thank you for visiting our website and I hope that you will take part in learning about the painful reasons behind our cause, and that you will respond to our call for support and participation.

We believe that over 4000 graves have been exhumed in Thailand (Nam phong, Ban Vinai, Nongkhai, Chiangkham, Phayao, Napho, Wat Thamkrabok) and if we do not act now, Huai Namkhao may be next. This issue deserves your attention, and we need responsible people to support this cause by taking immediate action.